Julia offers the following series of Living the Aromatic Lifestyle workshops


The Chakra System and Essential Oils

learn the importance of supporting the Chakras with TruEssence essential oil blends in this immersive workshop.You will discover the fascinating therapeutic uses of essential oils from ancient cultures.

Learn about the development of each chakra throughout your earl childhood and how they directly affect our personalities and entire lives

Julia will demonstrate how to elevate the frequency of each chakra by restoring their balance and harmony to positively enhance your physical, mental emotional and spritual wellbeing

Each participant will receive a personalized chakra test to discover which energy centre is calling out to them and learn which essential is perfect for their own chakra healing.


Aromatic Acupuncture – the use of Essential Oils to Release Trapped Negative Emotions

Julia will explain how our bodies store negative emotions in various organs in the body and how important emotional healing is to physical healing.In many cases this could be the missing link to our overall well being.

Discover the acupuncture points and meridians which are instrumental to our various energies and body systems

Learn how to unlock negative emotions in a gentle and effective way by using the TruEssence essential oil blends achieving full release by diffusing the trauma without having to relive it.


Spinal Reflex System

Julia will demonstrate Alexandria Brighton’s Targeted Spinal Protocol by using kineiseology to test each vertebra of the spine which are directly linked to various organs and parts of the body.

The TruEssence essential oils that are recommended during the testing can help support

Pain ,Hormonal imbalance, Respiratory challenges, Stress release, Immune System, Detox, Digestive Disorders


Everyday Uses of Essential oils

Learn how to use simple, natural and seefective remedies with TruEssence therapeutic grade essential Oils to enhanec the wellbeing of your your family, friends and pets.through each changing season of the year. How to protect yourself naturally during the summer and in the fall with the onslaught of the flu season,

Julia will also demonstrate the Target Assessment Protocol T, A, P. To help support and alleviate pain, mobility and balance issues including injuries, stiff aching joints, arthritis and migrane headaches.

The systematic method specifically targets and addresses the following 7 areas

Structural alignment



Muscles, Tendons, cartilage and connective tissue


Emotions underlying physical trauma


The Use of essential Oils for Space Clearing and Environmental Cleansing

Julia will demonstrate a qiuck, safe, easy and effective method of how to transform and protect your environment through space clearing with TruEssence essential oils

Learn how to create a new positive and uplifting ambience in your home and work place, by eliminating old embedded negative energy.

Discover how to enhance and personalize your environment to suit your everyday needs by diffusing and misting with a variety of pure essential oils