Water Filtration

ideal drinking water.Water directly impacts your body in very important ways. Chemicals that you will find in any regular drinking water, such as chlorine, can actually have negative effects on your body and its metabolic rate. Chlorine can actually cause a bonding with thyroid molecules in the body, resulting in increased weight gain, and possible reduction in energy levels. Filtering these chemicals out of your water before drinking it can be key. The filtration process isn’t that simple, however, since filtering your water to an over-purified state will result in beneficial minerals being removed. An imbalance in the minerals in your water can result in your body being leeched of vital nutrients and minerals, which is also an undesirable effect. The Cerra Water filtration process ensures your water is filtered perfectly, removing chlorine, and adding just the right mix of minerals, providing you with the most ideal drinking water.

The Cerra Water pitcher is made in Europe, and certified safe in Europe and North America. We are a Canadian business, and we serve the United States, Canada, and world-wide Cerra waterorders as well. Our technology can be used anywhere where you have tap water, and doesn’t require any electricity or any sort of power.

The Cerra Water pitcher is a non-electric water ionizer, providing you with safe water. We believe in natural filtration methods. Nature doesn’t electrocute your water, so we don’t either. Electric ionizers break apart water molecules through a process of electrolysis; this process is seemingly very unnatural, and results in what is suspected to be damage to the structure of drinking water. It is believed that the way the water is broken apart affects the calcium in your drinking water, causing it to stick to arteries, and ultimately result in serious and life-threatening health risks.
antioxidants Water

Cerra Water filtration enriches your water with antioxidant properties.  The body experiences oxidation of molecules, harmful free-radicals, and other negative effects through the process of oxidation.  Antioxidants prevent and slow down the process of oxidation within the body, making you healthier in a number of ways.antioxidantschart

Free radicals cause a destructive process in our body’s cells, which causes the molecules within the cells to become unstable. Free radicals can influence the formation of cancerous cells through causing other cells to become damaged. Harmful free radicals can cause all sorts of damge to the body through injuring and deforming cells.

Through intaking higher amounts of antioxidants, the body can balance the free radical process to a healthy state. Many experts believe the aging process can helped be slowed through higher intake of antioxidants. Improved antioxidant intake can also help increase your metabolism, which greatly affects your rate of weight loss.

alkalizing Water

Drinking alkaline water is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  The body is meant to be in an overall alkalized state, as opposed to an acidic state.  Sickness, diseases, and general pain can be prevented through simply ensuring your body is alkaline.  Since fluids are a large part of your dietary intake every day, the water you drink will often be the deciding factor as to whether your body is alkaline, or acidic.

Water is alkalized through a process of ioinizing the water. Negative ions – which, in this case the term “negative” is a good thing – are emitted into the water, counteracting the acidity. The alkalinity of water can be measured on a PH chart. The numbers of a PH chart range from 1 to 10 as shown in the diagram shown, with 1 being the worst, and 10 being as alkaline as possible.

Ionized alkaline water helps the body deal with toxins within the body which can help improve the body’s metabolic rate, which helps with weight loss and proper weight maintenance. Maintaining a body with low amounts of toxins reduces the chances of disease and sickness in many instances. Alkaline water is often used by people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and overly acidic bodies.

Water Filtration technology


filtrationOur filtration technology is of industry-leading quality. Developed in Korea and holding patents, our water filtration found in our Cerra Water pitcher reduces chlorine, eliminates water memory, alkalizes your water to a rating of between 8.5 and 9.5, improves the antioxidant levels of your water beyond that of even many juices, and adds essential minerals to your water.

Our filter and pitcher have numerous certifications, ensuring the utmost quality and safety standards have been met in Europe, as well as North America. All of our products are made in Europe, and our business is run through Canada, so quality is a guarantee.


Water absorption in the body

Our filters restructure and alkalize your water, creating smaller clusters of water molecules which are more easily absorbed by the digestive system. Lower quality drinking water and fluids tend to be structured in larger molecular clusters, which results in a slower absorbtion rate within the body. Since the primary purpose of water intake is to hydrate the body, it is desireable to process as much of the fluids you are intaking as possible.

The staggering difference between low quality tap water, and Cerra Water filtered water, can be an over 15-times difference in absorbability.

the minerals your body needs

mineralswaterYour average soda and bottled water generally doesn’t have the minerals your body needs to sustain itself. Most tap water also doesn’t have a mineral composition that is appropriate, and other water filters often simply “clean” your water, leaving you with the lowest amount of minerals possible.

Our Cerra Water pitcher has filtration which cleans your water of unwanted chemicals and substances, and adds essential minerals that one would find in natural clean spring water. Proper mineral intake is key to maintaining your health and preventing injury, sickness, and disease. Minerals can be supplemented, and a vast amount of your mineral intake is in your solid food diet, however it is very important that your drinking water also supply you with essential minerals. The Cerra Water minerals are in an ionic form which insures easy absorption.

your water tastes is factored

The way your water tastes is factored into a few categories which are very simple. First, there are the chemicals in your water, such as chlorine. Second, there are the substances in your water which are often unwanted, such as metals and plastic-output. Third, the minerals in your water will affect the taste. Fourth, and finally, the molecular composition (cluster size) of your water will influence the taste of your water.

The Cerra Water pitcher filters out a great deal of unwanted chlorine which is found in drinking tap water. This is something you will notice immediately, since chlorine distorts the natural taste of water, and is a chemical which is best avoided when it is an option. Unwanted metals are also filtered through the Cerra Water pitcher, which can leave a “tinny” or otherwise bad taste in your water. An imbalance in minerals in your water can change the flavour of your water as well; the Cerra Water pitcher ensures that your water has a specific amount of each essential mineral, which results in a fresh spring-water taste. On the final note, the cluster-size of your water is reduced to a desirable and more absorbable level, which is a slight but also noticeable difference.

You’ll find yourself and others drinking more water once you’ve tasted Cerra Water!

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