FG Xpress Powerstrip Testimonials

Within 24 hours I was pain free

I am a retired nurse and midwife in my late sixties. I am very active. I walk in Lynn Valley North Vancouver, my walks average 7-10 kms, I love gardening, yoga and working out at the gym. Until I injured my piriformis muscle I was in vibrant good health.  In late April I injured my piriformis muscle when being overenthusiastic pulling weeds in my garden. The piriformis muscle originates in the lower sacrum crosses the "sit" bone and inserts into the back of the large pelvic bone.  The pain from this is often referred to as sciatic pain as it involves this nerve as it passes though the piriformis muscle.  The pain is intense over the "sit" bone and down into the lower leg. The pain impeded enjoyment of the level of activity that is essential to me for good health.

The treatments I tried unsuccessfully were; chiropractic, deep muscle massage with a qualified RMT (registered massage therapist) and acupuncture again with a qualified practitioner.  From May until early August ins spite of these treatments I was still in debilitating pain.  My friend (another retired RN) suggested that I see Julia Thomas a Registered Aromatherapist.  I saw Julia for a ninety minute aromatherapy massage with essential oils that give pain relief.  At the same time Julia applied an FG Xpress Powerstrip on my lower back.  Within 24 hours I was pain free.  I am continuing to use FG Xpress Powerstrips to assist with healing of the injury and keep my pain free.  I highly recommend FG Xpress Powerstrips and Julia's skilled use of essential oils and massage.

Carol H
North Vancouver

I can't believe that I can get up and walk first thing in the morning


"For the first time in more than 20 years, PAIN FREE.  A little over 20 years ago I was hit by a car and spent 2 years in rehab learning to walk properly again.  I gained over 120 lbs which placed a lot of pressure on my knees and limbs.  I would wake up most mornings, my leg stiff and aching from the overnight of inactivity.  I put a strip on in the evening and woke up completely pain free in my leg.  What an unbelievable relief.  I have since used them for tension areas and my carpel tunnel syndrome as well.  I am ecstatic to have found something that works!"

Shawn Bearman
The Coaches' Coach