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Zyto Compass Biofeedback

The Zyto compass uses communication, a cutting edge technology, to assess which physical or emotional areas are out of balance. The compass demonstrates how to restore harmony, balance and alignment to your body with the use of therapeutic essential oils. When you place your hand on the cradle, linked to the computer, stimuli are sent […]

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Foot Massage oils

T.A.P.Target Assessment Protocol

This application targets all aspects of physical pain: arthritis, stiff, aching joints, injuries, migraine headaches as well as flexibility, mobility, alignment and balance through the powerful senses of touch and smell using therapeutic essential oils. This systematic method specifically targets and addresses the following areas: Cairo Care:    Structural alignment Structure:   Bones and inflammation Neuro:   Nerves […]

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Space Clearing Environmental cleansing

Julia will visit your home or workspace to transform and protect yourenvironment through space clearing with essential oils. This is a quick, safe and effective protocol that replaces old, embedded negative energy with a new positive and uplifting ambience in your home and work place. This is very important if you are trying to sell […]

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A.I.R. Integrated Aromatic Renewal

The A.I.R. Aromatic Integrated Renewal essential oil assessment and application is a unique and powerful program intended to harmonize and support individual healing. By using kinesiology and therapeutic grade essential oils the root causes of physical and emotional challenges can be pinpointed and addressed. Each of the 3 individual applications addresses the following :   […]

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