Aromatherapy Massage Testimonials

The results were immediate! No more digestive issues

I have had digestive problems all of my life and unable to out to a restaurant without having to go to the bathroom before the end of each meal. I have tried lots of different remedies none of which have worked.

I went to Julia for an assessment with the Zyto compass and was given a blend specially formulated by Julia from the oils recommended for my problem

As directed I put a drop of the oil on the inside of my ankles and around my naval .The results were immediate!.I could actually eat all of the things I had avoided all of my life and eat out in restaurants again without the fear of rushing off to the bathroom.

It was amazing! I only used the oil blend for 3 days and then got lazy especially as I felt much better, so didn't use them any more, but the results have continued and I have had no digestive issues for the last year.

Thank you Julia

Karen C

Julia was the only person who had ever given me any hope

I was introduced to Julia on the beach in Puerto Vallarta ,Mexico..I had been a high school principal in Minneapolis until I was confined to a wheelchair after 3 car accidents and a stroke. I could not move my right arm away from my body to place on the arm rest of the chair and right my hand and fingers were completely dead and immobile.For over 3 years I had tried every kind of therapy possible from

physio,chiropractors,acupuncture, sports medicine specialists even the Mayo clinic.Nobody had been able to help me and get my fingers moving ,until I met Julia who appeared with her bag of essential oils on the beach.

She gave me what she called the Target Assessment Protocol specially for all aspects of pain which she placed on my feet,one drop on the crack of the big toe, the neck in reflexology, and down the inside of each foot which is the spine.

After less than a minute after the very first oil was rubbed into both feet my fingers miraculously started moving!.I could not believe it!

Julia Said”Wow I still have 6 more oils to put on and your fingers are already moving”

She came and gave me this treatment every morning on the beach, at no charge, for the next 10 days until she went back to Vancouver. At the end of the 10 days I could move my arm away from my body.

and move my hand and fingers for the first time in 3 years.All the pain had gone in my back and the swelling had subsided in my feet.

Julia was the only person who had ever given me any hope.

I returned to Minneapolis and purchased the marine phytoplankton drink called Frequensea which she

had recommended and which had helped her broken tailbone heal in no time .After 2 months we met up again at a conference in Salt Lake City. By which time I was able to write again and hold a cup in my right hand .While we were there Julia gave me 3 more aromatherapy treatments and at least a bottle of frequensea to drink each day as it was flowing freely in a fountain at the conference.At the banquet on the last evening I wanted to join in the group photograph and decided to try and walk instead of riding on my motorized scooter.So with the help of Julia's friend Kucki I walked right across the ballroom floor and was able to stand up for the photograph.!!! This was the first time I had been able to walk in 3 years

I have been given a big part of my life back thanks to Julia and her essential oils and Frequensea.I am now able to go to aquafit and acting class which I enjoy and can write and use the computer with my right hand again.It is a real miracle!

Kathy K

Absolute relaxation

Absolute relaxation

Julia is wonderful,Very Knowledgeable about essential oilsand a fantastic massage too.


I really enjoyed my session.I learned so much about the oils and what works for my body and the massage was one of the best I had.I'm going back for sure and telling my friends and family about the spa

Very relaxing massage.Julia is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed my massage with her

Expert in Aromatherapy

Within 24 hours I was pain free

I am a retired nurse and midwife in my late sixties. I am very active. I walk in Lynn Valley North Vancouver, my walks average 7-10 kms, I love gardening, yoga and working out at the gym. Until I injured my piriformis muscle I was in vibrant good health.  In late April I injured my piriformis muscle when being overenthusiastic pulling weeds in my garden. The piriformis muscle originates in the lower sacrum crosses the "sit" bone and inserts into the back of the large pelvic bone.  The pain from this is often referred to as sciatic pain as it involves this nerve as it passes though the piriformis muscle.  The pain is intense over the "sit" bone and down into the lower leg. The pain impeded enjoyment of the level of activity that is essential to me for good health.

The treatments I tried unsuccessfully were; chiropractic, deep muscle massage with a qualified RMT (registered massage therapist) and acupuncture again with a qualified practitioner.  From May until early August ins spite of these treatments I was still in debilitating pain.  My friend (another retired RN) suggested that I see Julia Thomas a Registered Aromatherapist.  I saw Julia for a ninety minute aromatherapy massage with essential oils that give pain relief.  At the same time Julia applied an FG Xpress Powerstrip on my lower back.  Within 24 hours I was pain free.  I am continuing to use FG Xpress Powerstrips to assist with healing of the injury and keep my pain free.  I highly recommend FG Xpress Powerstrips and Julia's skilled use of essential oils and massage.

Carol H
North Vancouver