A.I.R. Integrated Aromatic Renewal

The A.I.R. Aromatic Integrated Renewal essential oil assessment and application is a unique and powerful program intended to harmonize and support individual healing. By using kinesiology and therapeutic grade essential oils the root causes of physical and emotional challenges can be pinpointed and addressed.

Each of the 3 individual applications addresses the following :



Addresses the recipient’s specific physical needs to alleviate pain, stiff, joints, injuries, mobility and headaches


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Chakra Chart

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Addresses the recipient’s specific and unique personal programming that is held in the chakras, which is subconsciously running our lives. The TRUessence essential oil blends resonate with the chakras helping to balance, open, and restore damaged or closed chakras which affect our personalities, relationships and our daily lives.


Addresses the recipient’s unresolved emotions, which are often the root causes of disease. Trapped negative emotions can be pinpointed and released safely with privacy, ease and grace.Each of the above individual treatments includes a kinesiology assessment, a personally created blend with a back, shoulder, neck and head massage.


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90 minutes $120

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